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New Artistic Images

A recent tour of the West Coast of Scotland, resulted in enhancement of an already comprehensive portfolio of contemporary artistic scenes.

The areas visited included some of our favourite West Coast locations on the Ardamurchan Peninsula, plus a few new locations including the Isles of Seil and Easdale. In addition to the scenic views normally associated with Scotland’s West Coast, the coastal areas of Easddale and Seil also offer a visual historical perspective of life, in what was once, the centre of Scotland’s slate mining industry. The majority of cottages and houses date from the slate mining era. And the surrounding terrain is scarred with many of the open cast slate mines, albeit in a flooded condition. Isolated by a short, passenger only, ferry crossing, the Isle of Easdale is fascinating from both a historical and modern perspective. Despite the perceived inconvenience that cars are allowed on the island, the community has adapted and improvised to create a unique and envious residential lifestyle. We are currently processing the Easdale and Seil imagery and both will be available shortly. However, artistic scenes from the area of Crianlarich, Dunfermline and the Ardamurchan Peninsula are available to view via the links below:

Ardamurchan Peninsula

Area of Crianlarich

Dunfermline Abbey

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