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Photography by Alistair & Jan Campbell

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UK City Images is a modern and independent image stock library which supplies its clientele with a range of unique, high-quality images of the UK. These images are intended to compliment many types of editorial, travel, and industrial publications. Our images are extensively utilised in an impressive array of British and international websites, magazines, books, national and local newspapers, plus many other print and electronic media outlets.


We concentrate solely on populating our portfolio with thousands, not millions, of images. Accurate metadata and captioning reduces image search contamination and provides busy editors and picture researchers with more relevant search results. Images are offered in a variety of contemporary, creative and traditional styles. To aid image identification, comprehensive captions have also been added.

All images within the UK City Images portfolio have been captured by the husband and wife professional photographic team Alistair and Jan Campbell. Further details of their photographic experience and background can be found by clicking on the follwing link: Click here…

The Photographers

Alistair & Jan at Work