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Photography by Alistair & Jan Campbell

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Between them, Jan and Alistair Campbell have amassed over 50-years' experience within the professional photographic industry. Retiring from their military careers as Royal Navy Officers they formed their own photographic company to work within a field of photography that they both enjoy.

Jan Campbell Lt Cdr RN Ret’d

Jan's career began as a Royal Navy Photographer followed by early selection to become a Commissioned Officer specialising in photography. Her history of employment with over twenty-four years' experience has varied tremendously from; fast jet air-to-air photography, the Submarine Flotilla Photographic Officer at HM Submarine Base Clyde, Officer-in-Charge of Defence Photographic Training at the Defence College of Aeronautical Engineering (DCAE) Cosford, to her last appointment in charge of all Defence Photography. A position that witnessed her involvement and responsibility for UK defence photographic requirements in a multi-billion pound, public-private partnership. Jan has travelled extensively and visited a significant number of countries around the world and during her impressive career has worked in all corners of the UK. In 2007 Jan resigned her Royal Navy Commission, and position as a Lieutenant Commander RN, to work alongside her husband Alistair and pursue a personal ambition to run her own photographic company.

Alistair Campbell BEM BSc (Hons)

Alistair has an equally impressive career as both a photographer and Commissioned Officer. His efforts as a Royal Navy Photographer have attracted official recognition by; various promotions, the award of a British Army Commendation for his work in support of anti-drugs operations in Belize, the British Empire Medal (BEM) in the 1992 HM Queen's New Year Honours list for his efforts during the Kurdish relief operation in the northern Iraqi mountains. Alistair undoubtedly has plenty of operational photographic experience. Indeed, in pursuit of executing his photographic duties, he has been deployed with and on ships, submarines, aircraft and Royal Marine units in a variety of environments (some more friendly than others) including; the high seas, jungles, deserts and arctic wastes. An impressive portfolio of front-line photographic capture experience includes the Falklands and Gulf war, with numerous other deployments in other exercise and hazardous operational regions as far afield as Cambodia, Belize, Iraq and Brunei. Alistair’s last military appointment was Officer-in-Charge of Defence Photographic Training at the Defence College of Aeronautical Engineering (DCAE) Cosford, After over thirty-three years service Alistair decided to end his military career and pursue an ambition to work for himself as a travel photographer and writer. Please click on the following link to view a selection of images from Alistair’s career as a Royal Navy Photographer: Click here…